• The only way to truly know Fogo Island
    is to explore it by foot.

    Walk along ancient footpaths steeped in history, hike jagged cliffs to one of the four corners of the earth, and follow animal tracks into an untamed wilderness. With over 200 km of paths, routes, and trails, Fogo Island is a destination for hikers and walkers that sometimes feels like another world.

    Fogo Island’s footpaths are historical trails used by man and beast alike. Animals such as caribou and foxes have traced their way through the Island’s barrens and bogs, leaving behind trails both wide and barely detectable. Follow ancient footpaths foraged by courting couples visiting one another in neighbouring communities and feel the history under your feet.

    Most of Fogo Island is a commons to explore. Wander the hills picking berries, or hike the coastline and spot whales and icebergs in the distance. Discover sites of long-lost communities and their often emotional stories. Explore abandoned outports where people made a life at the absolute edge of human survival. Wander around unfathomably old glacier-scraped rocks. Breathe air as pure as any you’ll find on earth. Put your head to pillow at the end of the day with that old satisfaction of a rest well earned.

    There are 14 easily accessible trails on Fogo Island. For those who want to venture further, our naturalists, geologists-in-residence, and community hosts can guide you.

    View PDF of Fogo Island trails map.